Ault Park: Toads, Mushrooms and Orb Weavers; Oh My!

I can't say enough about the Ault Park trails.  They are great for running and perfect for discovery.  Anyone can enjoy these trails.

Soren and I hit them yesterday and had a blast.  He worked on reading the trail map and choosing direction.  We hiked around the entire park through the trails.  From Forest to Tree to Cliff to the Overlook - we hit them all (almost...)!  I wonder what he enjoys more - the discovery of bugs and vegetation

or the challenge of the trail.

It was a blast seeing him discover and become confident on the trail.  And it wasn't always easy!  He had plenty of mud slides and giant trees to climb over and through not to mention the sweet 'baby' toad that 'needed to be returned to the creek'.  Of course!

And the 'woah!'s over fungi, fallen trees, and sticks that make words in the dirt.

And the acorns, abandoned wasp nests and orb weaver webs....

It was a morning well spent.