Full Time ALL the Time

No - this is not a 'work, life, balance' post.  I wouldn't do that.  In fact - if I see one more of those blog titles I might lose my mind.  

Time and time again, I find myself searching in the depths of those blog titles thinking - 'oh! she has the answer!' or 'he has to know how to balance this all out, right?!!' - and honestly? they are filled with listing ideas, tea recipes, yoga advice and 'just breath', like I haven't been doing that already.

The one thing they are almost always missing - honesty.  It's tough people.  Being full time, all the time.  This space sees it the most - the neglect.  For me, it's about letting go.

Letting go of the assumption that it gets easier.  The tough days are part of the reward and it gets tougher and more consuming.  But that's just it - it's consuming.  And letting go of the hefty, weightiness that it is a bad thing to be consumed is a freeing experience. 

Not going to lie - this realization followed a LOT of heart ache and yoga practice, but it happens.  So I guess I did follow some of their advice (*wink).  On the flip side, being full time ALL the time (the point of this post) has it's perks.  Like watching your child work on a tune with his father - who is also full time ALL the time.

side note - these shots are priceless.  the studio they are in was built by Rick's father (Soren's Papaw).  Rick spent evenings here with his dad, not much older than Soren - when he was working on it.  now Rick works there; 3 generations on those wood floors.

Here he is in his first recording session.  The tune will be featured on Around Cincinnati's Holiday Special by Lee Hay.  The song is ridiculous amounts of adorable.  I can't wait to share it with you all!  He was so proud and SO brave.

one of the side effects of being the kiddo of two full time recording engineers - you end up on one of their records eventually.  he proudly explained the whole process to everyone.