Soren Says...

Warning - extreme heart melt here.

Two days ago, and no - I will never forget this, Soren was determined to eat the Mango, the ONE Mango we had.  

'Momma, please slice the Mango, it's ready.  It's ripe!' (me having just sat down with a nice cup of tea - mind you, he'd just eaten a HUGE lunch).

'Bud - I will cut it up before the sitter gets here and you can have it then.  You are getting ready to leave anyway.'

A bit of a fuss - but completely understood.  And yes - he was about to leave.

Upon return.

'Hi Momma!!  Can I have that Mango now?'

'Yep!  I will go slice it!'

I proceed to slice up the Mango and he happily prances off with it in a bowl.  I sit down next to him on the couch and give him a smooch on the head.  He responds by grabbing my hand and saying (warning, here it comes),

'I am going to give you 10 smooches!!!'

and proceeds with 10 smooches on the hand.  Counting after each one.  Then I ask,

'Is that because I finally cut up your Mango for you???'

he says, mater of fact,

'No.  It's because you're my Momma and I love you so much.'

and without skipping a beat - returns to devouring his Mango.  My heart was a puddle of motherly goo.