The Journey

'We've been so busy...Sorry I haven't gotten around to...Yikes - last week was like a whirlwind!' 

These lines have graced the blog far too often these days.  What I keep forgetting about is the journey.

I've been listening to some Alan Watts lately and this one in particular really hit me (thank you Rick):

It isn't about the possibility of a Grammy or the finished CD product - it's really the journey getting there.  The obstacles to overcome - the tuning, editing, mixing and mastering.  It's about studying what makes a mix more than listenable - but moving.  Like Joe said to Rick and I during the recording of the project

'it's all theater.  People don't really want the moment they experienced, they want something better!'.  That's my job, day in and day out.

Creating something meaningful and moving.  Something that grabs the attention of listeners.  And through that, is a process.  A complicated, involved - very personal process.  It's quite a journey.  So in the midst of stressful deadlines and final products, Watts and Henry remind me to stay inside of the journey.  Not let my mind wander from the beauty that is the process.  

It's not about the product and what that brings - because when you get there, you are left with the same bag of meaning (or meaningless) as before if you're void during the journey.

With Soren - it's about every moment.  Every trial and tribulation.  Celebrating my moments raising a human being - watching him become his own person.  Not if he will go to college, or back pack through Europe, etc... Those things will come in their own time.

My 2015 is truly becoming about the journey.  My moments with Soren, work and personal life.  I don't want to be 40 and a part of the hoax.  I want to sing and dance WHILE the music is being played.