Around Here - Bucket List

Ah!  Bucket list moment today.  I will try not to fan girl here, because really this is about a professional dream come true.

Since the beginning of time... really - since becoming an audio engineer and working in the classical industry, I have hoped one day to work on a show with a favorite band.  Like - Metallica S&M style - with a Symphony, get it?  If not, look it up.  

I've been in Cincinnati now for 8.5 years.  Yep! Count 'em.  8.5 quick years (when you record every subscription concert, commercial records, the Opera and countless other acts in town - time flies).  Point is - I've been rocking out to some of my favorite groups for years thinking 'this would orchestrate beautifully!' or 'Music Hall would be jam packed if they played with this band!'.  You get the idea. 

Well folks - it's happened.  After 9 years of festival making and building relationships with strong repertoire, Bryce Dessner has brought the National into Music Hall and enveloped them with Louis Langrée and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for the 10th annual Music Now Festival.  

And yes, I am recording it for broadcast and archive.  With the RIO 3224 in all it's cat5 glory, my Yamaha and Seqouia.  It's going down.  Bucket List wish.  Thank you Mr. Dessner, Matt, Bryan, Ben, Scott, Nico (Muhly - Mozart of our time), Kyle and the CSO.

*Saturday is equally delicious.  Sufjan Stevens performs with Nico Muhly and Bryce Dessner - Planetarium.  All sorts of amazing ridiculousness!!!!