Five Little Cupcakes

Have you heard this song before?

I haven't.  Soren came home yesterday singing the most adorable little tune.  

'5 little cupcakes in the bakery shop.  Ones with sugar and sprinkles on top!  Along came momma with a penny to spend - so she bought one cupcake and raaaaaaan away!'

Seriously!  We whole heartedly thought school was going to be a milestone for Soren, but we completely underestimated how much of an impact it would have.  A few weeks in and we couldn't be happier.  He shows so much enthusiasm and comes home with such confidence it's a joy to watch.  Even on his uncertain or difficult days - we can talk and work through it.  

The school also sends home sheets filled with information about how we can develop as Montessori parents.  We now have a 'peace corner', we hang his working words (proactive this month), turn the radio off in the car and talk, sing sitting in a circle, set up - work through - and clean up works, well - you get the idea.  It's been an absolute blast!