Toddler to Kid

I can't believe this actually happens.  I'm in even more disbelief that this is ALREADY happening with Soren.  

Warning - this is one of those 'I can't believe how fast they grow' posts, but I seriously can't help it.  I have to get this out.

Soren isn't a toddler anymore.  I don't know what the technical age is on this, but he definitely doesn't seem toddler-ish at all to me.  The tantrums have changed - no more head throwing back.  Even throwing toys has dwindled.  Now he works on calming his body down and breathing exercises.  Definitely not a toddler-ism, right?!

Just watching him play and run around.  Emphasis on the watching because he doesn't need me and sometimes want me around when he is playing with new found friends.  His gait and how he climbs or that he can climb EVERYTHING has all changed.  

Or listening to the songs he sings and comments he comes up with ALL BY 'HISSELF!'.  We went from no longer having a baby - to no longer having a toddler.  

It's amazing, truly.  Parenting has been the most worthwhile and rewarding challenge.  I never thought I could be so grateful and love so hard in all my life.  And at the same time, worry and doubt what I am doing as a parent. 

It's fascinating to see yourself as a parent move from making baby food and folding cloth diapers to discussing how to handle emotions, why manners are important, how the universe works and identifying bugs.  All with the same child over the small period of 3 years.  Incredible.

and for the love of buying shoes!!!  These feet are growing CONSTANTLY!!