Around Here - I miss this space!

Oh my goodness I miss this space!  Our schedules have been so crazy and I have had NO time to write or catch up on anything.  This space is definitely for other's enjoyment, but is even more cathartic for me.  

In between the crazy moments, we've managed to spend some time with my dear friend Micah and her minnie-me Evie.  Soren LOVES to hang with Evie, here he is at her first birthday party (he ran straight threw everyone when we got there.  They were opening presents, but he had to give her a big b-day hug and kiss.  Too much!).  The also got play in the sprinkler last week and eat radishes from Micah's garden.  Too cute!

And for the 'in betweens' (rehearsals) we snagged some time at the spray ground which led to some hardcore snoozing.  I love these movements - heart melting!

And then this face.  I took this while we were waiting for his babysitter.  He's so easy going and patient with us.  Our little buddy puts up with our crazy schedules and is the best side kick.  Thanks bubs for being so great with us. xoxo

And now - on to nursing my cold, Soren's first Carmen rehearsal (yes!!  He's a Super!) and wrapping up some projects in the next two weeks.  Can't wait to talk about those!  Cheers!