Around here - a Whirlwind

This blog is in much need of an 'around here' post.  The past three weeks have been a whirlwind!

It started with the Music Now week.  My mom arrived Tuesday evening and we wasted no time putting her to work the following morning (yes, she is a willing participant in all this CRAZY!).  I had rehearsals, performances, patch and listening sessions day in and day out for the rest of the week.  

Music Now was an INCREDIBLE week for Cincinnati and the Symphony.  I couldn't believe it - I thought Lumenocity was a thrill to be a part of (which it was, and will be again this summer!) but this - this, was unbelievable.  I am still on a whole different musical plane about the whole experience.  For those that are not quite as familiar with the festival, it's founder - Bryce Dessner (from the National) for the last 9 years, has brought together an eclectic group of musicians, composers and groups to Cincinnati each spring to celebrate for one weekend - how music is so intricately bound together.  In the past he has booked Kronos Quartet on weekends with Grizzly Bear and the Books.  It is super eclectic, absolutely synonymous and inspiring.

This weekend was a pinnacle of the festival for me (which I have been attending since I have been in the city of Cincinnati!).  Not only was the festival - for the FIRST TIME in it's history done in collaboration with one of the top orchestras in the nation, but the music - OH! the music, was incredible.  Please tune into this broadcast, it will be phenomenal.  Louis' presence and the whole aura surrounding the weekend was incredible - like I said, left me with quite the sustainable high. 

Which could also be due to all the work I've put in THIS week on the two pieces we recorded that week for commercial release.  Accompanying the Copland with Dr. Angelou will be Muhly's Pleasure Ground and Lang's mountain, both World Premieres.  Muhly's piece brings me to tears and Lang's gives me chills with it's synesthetic responses.

a) yes, this is me with Mr. Bryce Dessner!  Thank you sir, for this genius festival and being so present through the recording process and music scene here in Cincinnati!  b) little bubs waiting to board the plane - he was SO pumped!  When we landed in Chicago, I was going to prep him for the bumpy ride, instead he said to me 'we are landing, on a landing strip.  The plane goes down and the jets turn on.  And then I get to see cousin Avery and cousin Emily!'  I reminded him that Uncle Derek was picking us up, he responded 'Uncle Derek misses me a lot.  I LOVE Uncle Derek!'

As wonderful as the week was, we did receive horrific news of a sudden passing in our family - so after our patch session Sunday, Soren and I flew to Chicago to be with our loved ones.  This is where my mom really comes in.  She helped so, SO much with Soren around the house, allowing me to focus on my project while getting Soren and I ready to travel.  I couldn't have gotten through that week without her help.

Soren was incredible on our quick trip and absolutely LOVED being with his cousins.  Seeing his smiling face and being on the receiving end of some stellar bear hugs made that emotional trip much, much easier.  I wish plane flights were cheaper - we would ride them ALL the time!

Soren with his cousins - Avery and Emily.  These girls are so stinkin' cute.  Soren packed up his creatures yesterday and informed me we were going to St. Louis soon to visit 'Cousin Avery and Cousin Emily!'

After a quick trip, and VERY quick recovery (had a concert to record the following weekend) - I finally got some time to work in post for a bit, my favorite part of being an engineer and most challenging.  It's a time to reflect on the recording, put it together piece by piece and revel in what it becomes.  Stay tuned!

Thank goodness for iPads and iPhones or I would have missed these moments! a) my Dad and Soren definitely have a special dude relationship.  I love watching them play together.  b) Oma with the youngest grand baby Emily.  They are so precious and sincere.  c) Oma and Opa (the greats) with their great-grandbabies, Love it!