Lately - Cabin Fever

Alright Winter.  I like yah - really I do.  But seriously - the snow? the ice??  the insanely arctic temperatures!?!

We have a high dose of cabin fever in this house and I am running out of sensory play activities to keep our very active toddler busy.  Today, we even opted to paint some hideous side tables with our very own chalkboard paint!

Ok, Winter - I take it back.  A little bit - you have forced us to get more creative.  But I do miss the woods and the warm sun.  Here is what we've been up to! (and yes - we did go out today.  The 20's are high-ish temps and Soren couldn't take it anymore.  But it didn't take long until his 'hands were cold!  gotta warm 'em up!')

Soren was separating the 'clean' ice from the 'slushy' ice.  I love how he dictates everything he is doing!

Even August is getting sick of being cooped up.  I catch her gazing, longingly out the window.

Feb 06_2014 10.jpg

Soren decided it was cold outside and he needed a warmer, comfier bed in his tent - but August was to join him.  'we will be warmer, too-gever! momma!'

Feb 06_2014 08.jpg

Soren and I painted these roughed up side tables we had.  I think it is much approved - I will try to snag a before and after pic.  We made our own chalkboard paint.  It's super easy - follow this link here.  We had some extra grout from another DIY project (the cold forces me into DIY mode... and searching for tasty recipes.  Ok, Winter - you win again!).

Feb 06_2014 12.jpg

Just wrapped this one up.  Thanks Elaine for the recommendation!  It was really quite good.  Can't wait to see the movie this year!

There you have it folks.  We are surviving the Winter and truthfully having a blast.  Pappa and I have been pretty swamped with work - but Soren has been such a trooper!  He really knows how to make the best of it!