I probably sound like a broken record - but it is so crazy busy around here!  Not so much running around but fitting in time to mix, edit and master during nap times and early mornings.  We are having more success with schedules AND I finally got my calendar system down for the year.  

It seems archaic, but I went with the simple binder route, printed my iCalendar and found a super simple 'weekly' insert.  Its huge - but it also fits in ALL the cards, letters, addresses, pre-k paperwork and other nonsense in the folders and between pages.  It works for me.  Much better than trying to keep it all digital or in a conservative, cute little planner.  Function over form this time around.

So, I feel a need for a catch up with instagram.  This is what we've been up to:

the epic cold temps means we have been staying inside... A LOT.  but that doesn't keep us from playing with the snow!

we got hit pretty hard with the colds this year, hanging around for about three weeks or so.  we are knocking out whatever is left and preventing more with super foods and humidifiers. 


Soren's seahorse.  yesterday he handed this to me and said 'look momma, i drew you a seahorse!'  my response was, in shock 'wow, buddy!  that is an impressively accurate seahorse - I am so impressed.' negative points montessori mom.  but seriously - incredible right?  this is getting framed and going up at work - healthy reminders of what is important and credible.  motherhood is by far the greatest and coolest thing i have EVER done!