Motherhood Mondays : Smooches Forever

Oh my goodness!  I haven't written on of these in AGES.

This one is subtitled - Sorry Soren, I will cover you in smooches forever.

Now, I definitely wasn't one of those kids afraid of showing affection towards my parents growing up - but once I entered the the teen years I DID have my moments of 'stop, mom - that's embarrassing!' in my pre-pubescent hushed tones.

Sorry Soren - you will get it too.  But now I do.  Mom, Dad - this is my apology.  I understand the desire to smooch your child's face - at any age and ALL the time.  I love you and you can now smooch mine whenever you please.

Motherhood has been an incredible, unexpected gift and pleasure.  Soren had his holiday show this past Friday and both Rick and I were mush.  He was so confident and attentive - we were blown away.  And not that we wouldn't necessarily expect these things, it was the joy and pride he took in it that melted our hearts (and his undeniable cuteness).

We love you bubs.  More than you will know until you have brood of your own.