Yeatman's Cove Sprayground

Don't get me wrong - I love our Coney passes.  No really - LOVE them.  There is nothing like being able to take a dip in the pool for just a couple hours at a time - enough to cool off, and enough to wear out our wee one. 

But spraygrounds are a completely different beast.   Our plans today were fouled since Washington Park is in the midst of mid-season maintenance, but fear not! Yeatman's Cove Sprayground was alive and kickin'.

We'd never been before, but Soren was totally up for the adventure.  We had a blast and recommend this spot to cool down.  It's tricky to find, nestled between the Purple People and Taylor-Southgate bridges and just behind 1 Lytle Place (Condos, I believe) - but worth tracking down.  Small, simple and a lot of fun.  

Soren's BFF and her new baby brother and momma joined us.  These two were ridiculous amounts of adorable, I couldn't STAND it.  They are always like this.  Holding hands through the center sprinklers, giving hugs after falls and rooting one another on.  It's too cute!