Around Here


Soren and I hung out in our backyard last week and it was SO beautiful I had to snag a few shots.

We have totally lucked out with this apartment.  We have amazing landlords, a bird sanctuary and 8 acres of forest in the back, a whole family of deer outside our bedroom windows, a rope tree swing - it's perfect.  We love it here, it was just what our family needed.   

Plus! We are 10 minutes from downtown and work with a safe bike route - can't wait to get pedaling.   

Our home is finally a sanctuary.  A calm place from the storm of work and chores.  We are in the throws of opera season, the station just started a new show Rick is working on, his project list is growing, and I have some really fun projects coming up in the fall... and our apartment, our home - is perfect for coming home, filling the mini pool and relaxing with our little man.   

Our backyard is not only calm - but a great place for sensory play.  We search and collect rocks, leaves and examine bugs.   

what are some of your favorite ways to relax?  where or how have you created your sanctuary?