Ole' St. Lou'

Soren and I just spent the past week in good ole' Saint Lou' with family and an amazing, old friend and her darling son.  We had a fantastic time romping through the Magic House, petting animals at Purina Farms and mimicking animal sounds at the zoo.  I can't wait to spend more time with my dear friend and this little cutie.  

Some friends stick with you - I am grateful Katie has.  From stars to colleges to families, she will always be like a sister to me.  I am a lucky lady to have such a wonderful person in my life.  Thanks for making the trip friend.  I had a blast and enjoyed watching our little dudes together - fast friends!

Soren had a great time adventuring by day and scratching horse noses in the evening.  We stayed with Papaw (Soren's name for my dad...and Rick's.  It's adorable!) and Mimi.  Every time we pulled into the driveway after a a long day in the city, Soren would shout for 'Mimi!  Mimi's Coco!  Mimi's Horses!!'.  Mimi and Papaw have a handful of horses (well, more than that since they are measured in hands), a couple dogs, some happy farm cats, a teeny pup inside and plenty of bugs to play with (even ticks, yikes!).

On top of that, Soren had a couple great play dates with his cousin.  The two blondies were too cute.  My sis-in-law is now pregnant with my second niece and I can't wait.  My brother's family is so adorable and is only becoming more so.  We had an amazing visit and I look forward to going back again in August to meet the second wee one!