A Very Happy Weekend

Easter Weekend!  This was our last weekend off as a family for the next 8 weeks.  Yes! 8 weeks....

And, yes - we took advantage of the time off together.  Soren and I hit up an Easter Egg hunt in the morning in Washington Park, gathered materials for Easter buckets for Sunday, and got home in time for him to sneak in an hour nap before our neighborhood Egg hunt in the afternoon.  The evening was beautifully spent bringing our own Mt Carmel brew to Dusmesh for some sweet, sweet Indian food in the evening (which Soren delightfully scarfed up almost all the naan and more than half of my Paneer Masala.  The waitresses couldn't believe it... did I mention he is a huge flirt too??).

Then Sunday we were off to the Grandparents to hang out with cousins and snag some Ham.  That was Soren's third egg hunt and he had a blast with the girls.  The evening was spent with wine, my awesome dudes and the pup eating some homemade soup and munching cheeses.  It was, *sigh - perfect.  

I am beginning to strategize how I will make our intermittent day's off just as amazing.  Did I mention how awesome my fazam is yet?  Well, just in case - they are.  My 2 dudes and a pit - they complete me.  Here are some shots from our fun filled, action packed weekend.  Now off into the season home stretch and prep for Opera!

Soren made a new friend at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  These two blondies are too cute!

how do you maximize days off with your family?  how do you budget a busy schedule?