I have the hardest time out of the four of us acclimating.  Seriously!  Soren, however - the easiest.  Which you would think would be the opposite.  But this little guy acclimates anywhere.

My last trip to St. Louis - Soren woke up in three different locations three different mornings and never skipped a beat.  This move is no different.  He must get it from his Pappa.  Rick LOVES the new place.  He won't stop talking about how peaceful and wonderful our new home is.  I love it.

But August and I?  We take a little more time.  This move is a bit different though.  We have had quite the heavy month of February and I thought we needed this move like a I needed a hole in my head (awful reference, I know - but I couldn't think of another...), but it's been great.  No really!  We needed this - Rick and I.  A project we could absolutely rock together.  Remember what it really means to be a team - a family.

It's been a whirlwind and I think all of us are ready for the dust to settle (well, not literally).  But it's been therapeutic and a blast seeing our family settle into a new home.