Light Scoop

My new toy!  I love it - it's a light scoop.  Basically a mirror to deflect the pop-up flash so the light, well - actually serves a function.  I snagged the light scoop from one of my new favorite photo sites - photojojo.  I highly recommend it.

Here is an example of what the light scoop can do:

You can really see the difference between the three.  It's great in artificial lighting too, keeps things from turning yellow - which saves time on the back end in post.  It's not super bulky as you can see in the pic, nothing like the big accessory flashes.  Here is a shot I took in terrible indoor lighting of Soren.  It's during bath time which next to meals is his favorite daily activity.  But our lighting in the bathroom, especially at night is awful.  I thought this actually came through as a stunning improvement!

The light scoop comes in at a cheap 30 bucks.  I snagged this new strap as well.  Much easier camera access and control with a toddler to chase!