Improvised Sensory Play

We are moving!  More on that later...

Yesterday, Soren took Sensory Play into his own hands.  I couldn't have been prouder, in retrospect.  I walked in yesterday afternoon, keep in mind the past couple days have been super stressful.  A carriage house has just come up for rent in a really good part of Cincinnati.  Great schools - even better - neighborhood.  But Rick and I have been going on this yes/no roller coaster for 48 straight hours.  Is it cost effective? yes, is it more space? yes, can I fix up the kitchen and put a fresh coat of paint on all the walls? yes, can I do another move...? I thought this was a no...but we are working on it.  Can I still go back to school in the summer?  Rick said - YES!  

Ok, needless to say - both of us are a little wiped from the ride.  So I walk in to find this - 

I took some much needed Therese advice from our workshop this past weekend and reflected with 3 seconds of silence.  First second - breath, is it really that much of a mess?  Can it be cleaned up?  Of course - silly!  Soren will probably help (which he did).  Second - what is he learning from this experience, isn't this self initiated sensory play?  YES!  and the third second - proud momma.  There he is scooping and piling and dumping and then, as I bring out the vacuum, he pulls down the cord and gets ready to clean it up himself!

This is what I like to call self-initiated Sensory Play and I couldn't be prouder!