Heart of a Lion

...and the hands of a mother.  Therese said this at the workshop.  I didn't quite understand it's meaning until this past weekend.

The hands of a mother - a nurturer, a warm touch, forgiveness and acceptance.  But the heart of a lion - to persevere, overcome, stand up...straight - for what you believe in.  Courage.

The events of this weekend were deeply personal and painful.  But as most life lessons, they can destroy you or make you stronger.  I will opt for stronger.  I don't know if it's age that has brought me this wisdom or just my past life experiences,  but I am grateful that it has sustained its course through all of this.  You can choose to be dragged down by the past - which are only memories of the mind.  You can choose to be fooled by hope which lies only in the imagination.  Or you can choose reality.  The now.

I will live here.  The now.  It is sometimes the most unsettling, but the most sincere and honest.  I wish I could vent about all of this, but my heart is on my sleeve for only one person other than myself and I choose him to hold that sacred and will continue to do so.  

I write this to encourage others, no matter the situation - look deep within yourself when things seem impossible.  When your world crumbles at your feet.  Look deeply into your heart.  Find your heart of a lion and always keep your hands palms up, warm and loving, not cold and callused.  Calluses break and bleed over and over again - they have memories.  

I apologize for these esoteric ramblings.  I hope they strike a chord in whoever encounters them.  These words - this sanctuary I created through this is healing for me and the people I love around me.  And that, to me, is priceless.

photo credit unknown, discovered on pinterest