Hot Cocoa

I LOVE hot cocoa. 

Today it snowed.  Not just any snow.  Those big snow flakes that leave you staring out the window in wonder.  How are they SO big?  How do they make it to the ground in one fragile piece?

I guess it's almost like motherhood.  I flashed back to the workshop and the moment I saw my little man again after three intense days.  How did he get SO big?  How did this little fragile life make it into the world through my body?

So it was time to venture outside in the snow storm.  Soren had a blast!  And of course, when we came back in from the cold - it was time for some hot cocoa.  

With some Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa and Snowville Creamery milk - Soren and I made some cocoa with Noi Sirius dark chocolate shaved on top.  Happy Snow day!