Camping Out... For School

Last week we ended the camp out - Soren will be attending Sands Montessori next year!

We are so excited for him and honestly, the week camp out was so worth it.  We didn't do it alone though - my wonderful mother came in town and helped watch Soren while I commercially recorded the Symphony and Rick covered a double booking - all during the Sands camp out.  She made sure our tent was attended and Soren was safe - even through 50-60 mph winds and storm.  I can't thank her enough - really, love you Mom!

And then our incredible friends - Aaron and Sarah.  Soren is stoked he is starting school with his buddy Gidget and we owe it to this couple.  We received a call and text early in the week.  They had already been camping out through the weekend and called to inform us - this year, was the year to get Soren in.  There were 18 spots, more than the norm and they were still wide open.  Their parents even offered to helps us keep our spot a couple days, knowing how important this was for Soren's future education.  

So Thursday night, we joined our friends and made some new ones.

6 nights later - Soren is in a secured position to start next year.  We can't wait!  He is so excited about going to school and even had the chance to play with some of his future play mates at the camp out.  It's beautiful watching our little man developing friendships and show such excitement being with other kiddos.  I love it!