Around Here : Fall

It's Fall!  Really Fall! 

This time of the year means more projects, A LOT of recording, busy schedules AND...

Soren's birthday (next month!), leaves changing color and falling, building stick forts, playing sports, making stone soup and tossing ball with the pup.  Our days off are few and far between but our little family takes advantage of every moment we get together.

Soren is potty trained and loving it!  He's getting the hang of public restrooms and is proud to go through the process every time (wipe, flush, move stool, wash hands, then - 'good job!!').  His independence is soaring, more than that - his inter-dependence .  He loves being around other kids.  Introducing himself, working as a team, even taking turns!  Our landlady's six year old grandson came over today and played baseball with Soren.  He had a blast and learned so much from him!

Have a wonderful fall weekend.  We have tomorrow morning together and if the weather cooperates we are headed to Kinds Island to see the dinosaurs or if it rains I am hoping to catch the City Flea at their indoor location!