Saturday Morning

I love Saturday mornings!  I am almost always off on Saturday mornings.  My work schedule is all over the place, working 6-7 days a week and I typically miss mornings with the little man, although I occasionally get some.  Even Sundays get hectic when I have gigs in the early afternoon.  But Saturdays are mine!

There is something about Saturday mornings that sets it apart from the others.  Maybe it's because I work in the evening - so I know I have to take advantage of our us time (Rick is usually taking this opportunity to snooze.  I don't blame him...).  So this morning we toddled around.  Played trucks, snapped photos and invented a new treat 'sweet bread' (sprouted whole grain bread toasted with unsalted butter and honey...mmmm - served with a healthier side of clementines of course).

I never really knew during the pregnancy how much fun being a mother would turn out to be.  Every day it's something different... and everyday - you fall more in love. With that little person you brought into the world, with the partner that stood by through pregnancy, birth and parenthood and the family you've come to know as 'your own'.

Today's word is 'orange' - that is, according to Soren.  Happy Weekend Everyone!