Sensory Play

I am all about this!  I was clued in by a couple Montessori mommas and now I am hooked!  I am looking forward to grabbing this read and starting a different sensory play activity everyday.  I mean, there are 365 - why not?!

I think this would be a great way to embark on a ProjectLife binder too.  Yesterday, Soren and I tore, threw and drove trucks with tissue paper:

And today - we explored flour.  Like any other toddler - Soren's first instinct was to throw it and watch it dust everywhere, but then it became snow mountains, Soren saved baby bird from an avalanche and was a perfect environment for his tractor to plow through.  We had a blast for at least an hour!

Sensory play is rather messy - but absolutely worth it.  What sort of sensory activities have you tried?  Any recommendations??

I am planning on making some homemade play dough from one of these recipes tomorrow!