Spring Cleaning...early

Where is winter?!!!  I know I live in the Midwest, which is technically not the North or the Northeast, but hey - can we get some snow here??!  eh??!

Well, since we won't be getting snow, it's time for my Spring cleaning routine!  Which is kinda, totally... a fib.  I almost always go through a 'purge' of sorts after the holidays, whether it snows or not.  This year, it all started with the curtains.  Soren's room used to have pocket doors, but our landlords took them out when they refinished the apartment (why?? I have no idea).  So in place of doors, we have hung curtains.  I felt like he needed more privacy, or, really - more quiet, so I replaced them with heavier, nicer, longer ones.  Great timing with the sales.  This meant that I could take the gnarly blinds down in our bedroom, clean the sills and windows really well (Soren helped, note the pic...) and hang some beautiful light colored panels.  It completely transformed the bedroom - love it! 

But then came the closets, which were filled to the brim with Soren's old things.  This was a tough one.  I have been keeping some things in case we were going to have another babe, who knows?  But Rick and I had a long talk and with me going back to school and realizing that this next time we might do some things differently - it was time to gift Soren's old things away....  If a second is in our future, he/she would probably have different clothing, different sizes, smaller crib (since Soren didn't use it for long and they would be sharing a room most likely) and a smaller space saver that fits under our table.  We even have two toddler seats and our Britax has an awesome infant insert (my back literally can't carry the pumpkin seat, thank you congenital birth defect...).  So bye, bye Soren's old things - to new homes.  So, if you need said gently used objects - let me know!!! They are yours, no strings attached.

But it feels good to purge, to move forward and start the year without cobwebs.  Soren seems to think so as well!