A blog to share

I read this blog post today from a momma I sincerely admire.  Modern Megpie is a genuinely fashionable lady, from clothes to home and is an inspiration stylistically to craft and create being sure everything has that personal touch.  After a wonderful playdate with one of Soren's new found buds, we came home and it finally felt like that - home.  Nasty, old blinds had been taken down - tall drapes hung.  Thick separating panels installed for Soren's 'room', furniture re-arranged (for yes, the millionth time...) - my sewing machine out and ready to go - and my favorite as of last, the apartment ready for crafting with ease!  But this post, I needed to read - about being content with the way things ARE, in this moment.  Because it does really prove daunting for the loved ones around our Type A personality types.  Always searching for more, on a quest to make things that much more livable - lovable.  More adventures - To create.  

These are fun, insatiable traits, but exhausting too.  For myself and the people I love.  I cherish this post and relate to it.  I hope you all enjoy - this is a great blog to follow!  Here are some of the newer touches to the apartment.  I would say final... but I am notorious for changing apartments every year - since I have a family now, I don't change apartments literally, just internally.  In the one we have now!