Today, I realized something - to me anyway, very profound about motherhood.  I think I may have known it all along, but it never spoke to me like it did today.  No matter what I do, or how I say it, or what is in our schedule - if I put 100% into it, the turn around from Soren is always, ALWAYS double.  He is my 200%.  This is being a parent!  The rewards - what we get back from our kids seems so much more than we could ever hope to put into it (I love  it!).  

Soren with his trains 'choo! choo!' :: giving 200% all the time is exhausting 

The moment?  We were winding down for the night - just had a bath, played puzzles with Monsters, Inc. in the background, drank some carrot juice, snacked on some grapes and then we headed over to the Lego table.  I LOVE this Nilo table (Rick, honey - genius decision on your part).  And so Soren and I play our usual, Momma makes a tower - Soren tears it down game and then I move on to the train.  All I do is pour it out of the basket and he takes off.  As I am watching him scoot around little cars, lift the bucket on the bulldozer and push it down saying 'beep, beep' in his adorable little voice, I realize it.  I did what I could in that hour to have fun, stay busy - be creative and all I had really done is set the stage.  Soren is doing all the imagining, he IS the show.  He is such a joy to watch.  To observe this little person make sense of this crazy world - it's awe inspiring.

His snuggles are 200%, his smiles are 200%, his laugh is 200% - he is my 200%.  So, as usual - tomorrow I will set more stages and watch.  In awe...

what are some of your outstanding parenting moments? those etched forever and/or leave you in awe?