warm weather

Does this mean spring is almost here?!

Now, usually I am not one for the warm weather. I have always enjoyed things like snow, warm fireplaces, hot cocoa and curling up with my Kindle on a cold wintery night. But since Soren - things have changed. I LOVE warm weather.

Warm weather means exploring outside, trips to Coney Island where Soren experiences the pool, running around at playgrounds, picnics and trips to a bustling market filled with amazing produce.


As the weather turns - I look forward to starting these memories all over again. Now I understand what people mean when having a child is like reliving childhood through wiser eyes. So true! And now, I enjoy, remember and reminisce - making new childhood memories with my son and family.

So, yes, even though Soren is much more interested in getting the chalk out and promptly putting it back and then carrying the container around the yard - I am still going to show him what it is like when you scrape that mysterious powdery stick over concrete only to create art: a beautiful sky, an elephant - or even his name, the best art of all.

He does understand the swing and LOVES the underdog. He even preps for it with little giggles and lets out a raucous laugh when you sneak under the swing for the final push. We even kicked the ball around the yard and he was a such a trooper. Anytime he mis-step, he picked himself off, brushed it off and went after the ball - kicking and giggling.

I can't wait to start digging and gardening with him this summer. It's going to be so much fun. I really enjoy warm weather now, but even more than that - I love watching my son explore, adventure and experience the outdoors as we move into spring.