Last week, I had the pleasure of chillin' with my Opa. He drives busses from time to time - and as chance had it, he drove the Chicago (he's from St. Charles, IL) ECHL team down to Cincy to play the awesome Cincinnati CYCLONES!

So, I told him - during the game, we are coming to kidnap you for dinner and will have you back in time to pack up the bus and leave. He, was like - 'food, for free, my grand-daughter and great grandson - DUH! See you at 5!'

It was awesome - better than awesome! He is doing very well - healing up nicely after some medical mishaps of the past year (including a bum shoulder, you'd never know!). He's a trooper and my grandpa - he rules! So we grabbed some quick Potbelly's sandwiches with Soren and met up with Rick at work so we could all eat, or try to eat (since Rick has to board-op and of course it was an election night!) together. Opa got a quick tour of what we do and where we spend a better portion of our days. It was fun, nice and wonderfully familial. Thanks for the quick visit Opa!

♥Ich liebe dich xoxo