mwxsw - bunbury : it's on!

Oh yeah, Midwest By Southwest. It's true folks. All Night Party and Bunbury Festival (more on that later) are doing awesome things for the Cincinnati music scene. Plain and simple.


i barely forgive you for missing this concert, but i won't for missing their tour updates.  I am sure you all know what SXSW is - the festival in Austin where you get the skizzy on sweet, new indie bands that makes you cooler than all your indie band follower one-a-bies while enjoying the oldies that will go down in your personal history - which this is a part of. We are graced to have several bands from Cincinnati that have been selected to perform at this most monumental annual festival. Four of which are touring together on their way - almost every night.

Other's, like our good friends Ohio Knife will be chatting with us before going on stage at a day party rounding out the Austin experience. Who are these magnificent individuals you may ask? I will be happy to announce:


Be proud Cincinnati - these guys represent. After their quick tour down to Austin - they are all scheduled to play and our hometown Wussy is set for some major promos about their recent release and upcoming shows. Excited yet? I hope so! Because one of the proud sponsors of this tour is Bunbury Festival, brain child of Bill Donabedian. That name sound familiar? Well it should, because if you know your Cincinnati music-lore like you claim to, this is the man that created one of the region's top music festivals - Midpoint, of which - credit due - Dan McCabe has done phenomenal things with.


Bunbury Festival (after Oscar Wilde's the importance of being earnest)* is a new festival taking place at Sawyer Point July 13-15th. Great right? A festival with some local acts, great location and an emphasis on technological and ecological innovation! Yeah, but that's not it. Donabedian's genius is bringing in three headliners - Jane's Addiction, Weezer and Death Cab For Cutie. Shut that mouth and wipe the drool, it's happening and I'm not kidding. LX is hoping to have some fun with this one as well - more on that to come, promise.

Flash back to the present - So the Bunbury Bee is actually on tour with the bands on MWXSW and tweeting on a regular basis. In addition to his tweets - we will be meeting with MWXSW's chief endorser and Cincinnati music enthusiast Dave Davis of the All Night Party tomorrow morning to pilfer through great sound bites of the tour thus far, courtesy of Brian Niesz and get a run down what's to come at SXSW for the bands.

Then next Tuesday, we will be getting a wrap up of the tour and the shows. Check it out, at!! I'm pumped, are you?!


To Bunbury or to go bunburying is to have a made up excuse to get out of doing something boring.
From Oscar Wilde's 'The importance of being earnest' - where Jack creates a sick friend by the name of Bunbury to escape the boring countryside. (courtesy of urban dictionary)

You now see just how apropos this title for the festival really is!