Mariemont in top 20

What top 20? The top 20 planned neighborhood success of ALL TIME. This hood is not 20th or even 19th, but 12th! Here in Ohio!

Mariemont is, obviously - our next Cincinnati neighbor to visit and so far has been eye opening. I never thought too much about Mariemont other than being this quant, not even a square mile community canopied by trees - but now my perception has completely changed. If you are familiar at all with the Gilmore Girls hit sitcom from the CW (if you aren't - get on top of it! Some of the best sitcom writing EVER!), the neighborhood is a real life Stars Hollow. Down to the town meetings!


So far we have had the opportunity to speak with the Woman's Art and Cultural Center which is in quite possibly the coolest barn I have ever seen. This town is so rich with Cincinnati history and culture - just to give you a snid-bit, the barn alone was built by Mary Emery - who is the woman behind the planned community of Mariemont established in the 1920's, which was used as a model creamery at which both Linder brothers worked at. The barn then sat for a period of time and was bought by the Woman's Art Club and turned into an immaculate gallery space equipped with classrooms and A LOT of character.


We snagged a sweet snack for me (because of my ridiculous obsession with ice cream...) from Graeters, another Cincinnati business - and then off to a high energy interview with the Mayor of Mariemont, the village mind you. This is even cooler. The village convenes in a town meeting to nominate the Mayor and other major offices after each completed term. The nominees then have a month to campaign before the election. The election is between specific times for one day and there you have it - a Mayor - complete with a town crier! Love it! And of course we snagged lunch at Dilly Cafe or to others the Dilly Deli - amazing, good food. This is definitely going to be a one of a kind show that I think you will all enjoy!