Potty Time!

That's right!  I know a little boy that potty'd in the potty!  And not just any potty - the big potty (with a Sesame Street seat converter of course...).  But he did!  Our little man asked to sit on the toilet (pleeeeease!).  After being place on, he tinkled then said 'all done!', got down and flushed the toilet!  I am so pumped!!! (if you couldn't tell).  Not because he might be out of diapers soon, but because he is growing - more everyday.  This is just another obstacle he has conquered.  Watching Soren experience, learn and live is the most rewarding gift I could have ever asked for.

To capstone the day - we made sugar cookies with an heirloom favorite.

Dance partied in the living room, built table forts...

And snuggled.

Ahhh, a day in the life of this mother.  I couldn't ask for more.  My heart is a thousand times bigger and ready for a hectic week with B9 (Beethoven 9).  After our patch session Sunday, work will finally start slowing down and i will get more time with my dudes.