The Improbable

They say wisdom comes with age, I beg to differ.  For me,  wisdom began with Soren.  I always thought of myself as some-what wise - more intuitive than anything.  Now I feel like I know what wisdom is beginning to feel like... and wisdom says - we're just getting started.  Watching Soren grow has taught me so much about myself, about others... about life.

Soren's current lesson:  the improbable doesn't mean possibility isn't around the corner.  I know this might not make much sense, but to some it will definitely ring a bell.  I am reminded everyday as I watch Soren grow, do things he couldn't do before and discover the world around him - possibility is there!  Finding opportunity in every successful step, grab, reach and tumble.  He reminds me that even though it seems improbable now, that a different possibility is opening up.  It's seems like a karma or guru-type thing to say and this could be a result of reading some Herman Hesse, but it really makes all the sense in the world.   

I didn't know I would ever find a life long partner, and a recording project introduced me to him.  I didn't know I could or would be a mother, but Soren was the best unexpected surprise I could have asked for.  And now... I am planning for some change, hoping for some possibility.  And it seems improbable now - but not impossible, thanks to Soren.  

Here is an example of how Soren inspires, from inching, to crawling, walking and climbing.  From banging buttons, to pushing the receiver, waving, holding a phone - to saying hello and holding a very, very important conversation.  Plus - it's just plain adorable.  Enjoy!