Alright Wyoming, Ohio - your podcast is on it's way, but first! Fusionware has to stop working and then! Sequoia...and alas - no editing for tonight. Huge bummer! And now, brand new installs. Oi! My MacBook Air is great, and don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the computer - I am too much of an audio engineer for that, but I really had these amazing expectations of doing audio work on my very little, very speedy machine and yet again - Windows, you never cease to amaze me in the million ways you can screw up my work night.

So to keep myself from throwing my computer into the wall and remember how much I appreciate all the good it brings into my life - I am blogging. So...let's blog - about Soren! This always puts me in a good mood. 

We had an unusually warm day in the Nati today so we spent the better part of it outside - on the swing, stacking toys, loading buckets, unloading buckets, climbing stairs and tossing ball with August. Speaking of the pup, and quite literally speaking, I am pretty sure that Soren's first 'official' word is dog - BUT his first 'unofficial' word - August (sounds a bit more like 'aus-sist'...but still, very close!). Awesome, right? Just down right awesome!

August has been so amazing with Soren and Rick and I. The adjustment isn't easy for any pup - but definitely couldn't have been easy for my little pitty. She has always been the apple of my eye, my best bud - even my cuddler, since she is always looking for a warm snuggle - so a new addition that sits between the two of us, literally - could not have been easy. I'm not saying she has handled it with absolute grace, but she has surely done a fine, no - outstanding job of being a big sis.

Ahhh...thank you blog for taking my mind off crappy Windows. I heart my fazam - all of it, furry members included!

a mom