Perspective is so important and today I needed it.  In the past week, a list of great things have happened, some bad and just some to flat out make my days more hectic.  I came home from the auto shop today absolutely distraught, finding it tricky to keep things together.  My partner, with graceful patience - leant me some perspective.  It was simple but not dismissive.

I read time and time again on other blogs about these mom's that have this way of keeping it together.  Some that quit there jobs and started successful business at home, others that homeschool, and those that have literally made the ultimate home.  I am inspired by these moms, but today - I felt like such a disappointment by comparison.  That's where Rick comes in.

He keeps it simple.  He doesn't understand the anxiety that wraps itself tightly around my chest making breathing hard, but he is patient.  He waits for the right time to say certain things.  Watches his moves - and today, he was amazing.  When I finally calmed down and was able to focus, he spoke up about perspective.  Explained that men do think differently - are sometimes able to put things in a certain place and time. Are able to focus list-like.  But what keeps things from bearing down on him? - perspective.  He places himself, literally - in different shoes.  As if he just received life changing news, news that would force him to look back and wonder why he wasted so much time worrying about things so fleeting.

His sincerity was admirable and appreciated.  Here are moments that will keep me in perspective.  That these are the memories I will hold onto, not the devices in my life attempting to create havoc - what busted transmission? what weak control arms?  They simply don't matter - it will work out, but right now - my son, my Soren is living and growing so fast!