Cincinnati @ SXSW

Just a follow up from my Bunbury and MWXSW tour glee - We have completed 3, that's right - THREE total features of Cincinnati @ SXSW (with more to come!).  We had a great time chatting with Dave about pre-game tour details and kicking it off at the Redmoor.  These bands are pretty phenomenal and the more I get to know them as members and songwriters - the more I ♥ the tunes.

That is one of the really great things about Cincinnati.  We really have great music - here - in the Nati, at our disposal.  And pretty much every night of the week.  But not only is this music great, but the bands are even better.  Not just as performers, writers, or artists - but as people.  They truly are some of the most interesting people with fantastically charming personalities.

And those working with them are just as much an asset to the Cincinnati scene than the bands.  Our 30 minute review withe Dave Davis of the All Night Party also includes some sound bites from band members - Chuck from Wussy, Greg from Whiskey DareDevils and Erin from Oh My Me.  These soundbites stand alone, even from the music.  This is the personality behind the music and a HUGE thanks to Brian Niesz and Venomous Valdez for arranging the tour and grabbing the sounds.  I can't say enough about this tour, the festival and how Cincinnati does more than just represent.  They are proud, and we should be proud. Show them some love as they return and grab a show whenever possible.  We have great opportunities coming up including Bunbury Festival and Midpoint Music Festival.

In the mean time - check us out at for features on what makes the music, people, food, family and culture of Cincinnati so unique, charming and as Jeremy Springer, drummer of the Sundresses says, 'really, quite lovely'.