Lately - Recording

Been busy in these parts (I know - redundant, just about all you here from me lately, but true).

Working through a TON of post-production work, including masters of the MusicNow festival.  So amazing to say the least, as you can see from my look of enthusiasm below.

Fan girl?  Mmm, perhaps.  Still can't get over that weekend.  Reminds me why I choose to be in a creative field with the likes of these genius minds.  Truly inspiring. (Yes, Isaac.  You are brilliant.  Thanks for being you and crazily enthused about music).

Amongst the album projects, subscription recordings and broadcasts - I peeled away some time to go to my home town, the Lou, to hang with family and good, amazingly talented friends.  I am continually amazed to hear and see the work my colleagues are doing in St. Louis.  An inspiring and humbling visit.  

And yep! - dorks.  Although, I have to admit - I was participating but had to peel away to snag the pic.  Love you guys!

And I got to catch up briefly with this gent.  Barry is the reason I am in this industry to begin with (yes, I blame you!).  I tried to quit after Audio I and he threatened to hunt me down and tie me to the Audio II chair.  I was going to do this whether I like it or not 'because you have the ears dammit, you just need to listen like an engineer AND a musician!'.  

Miss this guy and was so so happy to see him.  He has no idea how much his teaching has meant to me through the years.  Truly a mentor (and you too Paul.  Pan West suckaz!).

Back to catching up on masters, producing broadcasts, editing/mixing American Originals and LumenSessions.  Material coming soon!

PS - Oh! And hanging with this very cool wee man.  All signed up for camps this summer - Ballet (Peter Pan!!), Rock Climbing, the Zoo and swim lessons!  Woot!