Soren Says...

I know I owe a portrait right now, but I couldn't help but share this from yesterday.

Every age is pretty amazing.  They have their challenges, but my goodness - the victories and priceless moments are a-plenty!

Four has been especially sentimentally tearful for me.  Soren started school right before his fourth Birthday and has grown exponentially since (he LOVES it, as I have mentioned several times on the blog).  I don't know if it's the age or school but the concepts he puts together now and the conversations we have blow my mind.

I was explaining this to someone just the other day, and they kept responding with a witty, rhetorical 'why? why? why?' but with Soren, it isn't like that.  It's been:

Soren - 'Momma, snakes don't move like caterpillars.'

Me - 'No bud, they don't'

Soren - 'Caterpillars move in peristaltic motion.  Like our intestines'

Me - 'Yep, Soren - they do.'

Soren - 'Then how do snakes move? They move side to side not up and down (motioning with his hands)'

Me - 'Well (me frantically looking this up on my phone), buddy - they move in Lateral Undulation'

Soren - 'So snakes move in lateral undulation and caterpillars in peristaltic motion.  There were beetles on the sarcophagus at the museum.  The mummies are very very old.  Isn't that amazing momma?!'

And so on.  You get the picture.  Just conversations.  So - the point of this post.  Yesterday the wee man comes into the bathroom while I am cleaning and says - 

Soren - 'Sooooo, Mom, I work in Cincinnati.'

Me - 'Yeah buddy - what do you do?'

Soren - 'I'm a recording engineer.' (ok.  sort of an obvious line since it's what his father and I do but wait...)

Me - 'Ok, what kind of music do you record'

Soren - 'Jazz.  No.  Classical.'

Me - 'Oh! Like me - you're my competition in town.  Do you play music?'

Soren - 'Yes.  I play the flute!' And then proceeds to play a beautiful tune on his slide whistle.

Me - 'Oh! That's beautiful.  You are very good at that.  I am sure you are a wonderful engineer.'

Soren - 'Yes.  I am.  I sing too.'  And then sings me his own melody.  It made my heart melt.

Motherhood could not be more amazing.  The greatest gift Soren P.  Thank you.