Rhinegeist + Cincy Sundaes

A couple weeks ago we attended our first Cincy Sundaes!  

Yes - a total play on words and a fantastic grant/funding idea.  Soren was asked to help campaign for one of the four presenting organizations.  He was given paint, markers and pencils and told to go to town - and did he ever!

I highly recommend supporting Cincy Sundaes - they have 5 more events.  Pay 5 bucks at the door - receive a ballot and a Dojo Gelato sundae.  Listen to the 4 presenters and choose which should receive the money collected at the door.  Such a cool idea!

The next one is at Covington Arts - don't miss it.  A huge shout out to Rhinegeist for hosting the first.  We had so much fun before the event began.  Great beer, fun environment and for the whole family!  We had a blast!