Around Here - Mornings

Mornings and I have a love-hate relationship.  

Since my schedule is never consistent and I work a lot of split shifts (go in by 7:30/8am, leave at noon, come back at 5:30/6 for a concert at 8 - get home by 11/11:30pm) - I suffer from 'work' jet lag quite a bit.  So when my alarm clock goes off at 6 in the morning, I do press the snooze button a couple times and slowly hit the ground running.

However, some mornings - the sun shines in Soren's room and wakes him up just minutes before my alarm clock.  And for some reason (this has been the case since he was born) I am waking up right as he starts walking in our bedroom (has anyone else experienced this?  I wake up right as he does even though he is in a different room - super weird.  No matter what time, day or night!).  He usually walks, with a little morning, groggy toddle - over to my side of the bed and starts to climb up.

He usually needs just a little help, since he is still waking up - and asks 'cuddle with momma - pleeeeease'?'.  Even though it might make me a couple minutes late for work - I am always willing to comply.  Cuddles with momma?!  Of course!  This is my favorite thing about mornings - besides the coffee *wink.  

On the days he doesn't wake up with us, he usually starts to rise by the time I start coffee.  On these mornings, I'll hear him chatting in his bedroom between yawns and stretches 'dats a BIG BIG stretch *yawn!'  Then I pour a cup of coffee, go in and set it down on his night stand while I say 'good morning!'.  He always looks up with a giant grin and responds back with an enthusiastic 'good MORNING Momma!!!  Mom - be careful, HOT coffee!'

So, yeah - mornings have become a favorite of mine.  Groggy, exhausted - rest deprived, but I love them.

Good Morning!