Meeting Dr. Angelou

This past week has been epic. 

Long, but incredible and inspiring.

Earlier this week I shipped off to Winston-Salem with 5-time Grammy award winning producer Elaine Lee Martone to record Dr. Angelou (stay tuned for this project - it's going to be AMAZING!).  I worked with two phenomenal and empowering women, received priceless advice and wisdom and it's all still just settling in. 

It was such a quick trip - fly in Monday evening and out Tuesday - but worth every plane delay and reschedule. I had great conversations and was dolled incredible industry advice sandwiched between an unforgettable recording and visit with Dr. Angelou (she makes the best beets!).  I don't even know how to begin describing what this trip was like - or what it meant to me personally.  

Our session couldn't have run smoother thanks to Evan Richey and his partner Charlene.  They were fantastic.  From driving ProTools to giving us tips on Southern courtesy before Dr. Angelou arrived.  What a great team! (pictured left to right: Elaine Lee Martone, Evan Richey, Charlene, and myself).

I still can't believe this happened.  I am pretty sure I seemed mute for this whole visit, but you just can't stop listening to every word this incredible woman has to say.  Her wisdom and knowledge are invaluable - and her sense of humor!  I have her chuckle on tape - it's the most genuine and joyful sound.  Wow...