I have been meaning to write a post from Rick's perspective for about a month now.  I have tried - no really  - I have, but no matter what questions I ask or how I lead the conversation, he just isn't quite as comfortable sharing all those warm and fuzzy moments, the hardships, or the heart aching AND melting days.

I understand.  But early this morning our little guy woke up with a stomach bug.  What does that have to do with fathers? 

Soren woke up at 4:30 and walked into our bedroom and laid on the pillows next to the bed.  Usually when he wakes up in the middle of the night he crawls in with us.  Rick and I both woke up and chuckled at the change in events.  Rick scooped him up, noticing right away he felt warm, when he walked into his bedroom he realized what happened. 

Quietly he rested him down next to me and told me Soren's state.  He proceeded to wrap up Soren's sheets and start cleaning up.  I got up to help cleaning so we traded holding Soren and I wrapped it up.  Without a second thought he laid the little guy back in with us and watched him.  Like a hawk. 

Incidentally - the purge began, as the stomach bug does.  I got the bucket and Rick comforted (sorry if you have a weak stomach, motherhood... and being a doula desensitizes you a bit...).  He rubbed his back and held him for almost all of it.  I feel like I saw it in slow motion.  It was Soren's first time sick like this - I thought surely he would be frightened or scared.  Not at all.  Rick just kept talking to him, quietly and re-assuringly.  

He was made to be a Dad.

I remember our parents taking turns with us - sleeping by our beds when we were sick and I watched myself and my partner doing the same.  It made me feel so safe and secure when I was young.  Soren didn't shed a tear, didn't show any distress - even explained what had happened with a chuckle afterward! 

I am so grateful to have a partner in this with me.  One I watched early this morning as he soothed our babe.   He may not be able to share his experiences of the past 4 years with an audience - but I have watched.  I have seen him become a Father - a really amazing one, and so naturally.  He loves this little family of ours and admires, respects and adores our Son.  

I am lucky. 

(here are some pics I snapped of the dudes goofing off about a month ago, Soren is doing really well and kicking this bug like a champ!) 

July 27_2013 09.jpg