Toddler Tea

We have coffee... and Soren has 'milk tea'.   

Rick and I have coffee every morning - it's our time together and our routine.  Soren started showing interest in our mugs and would say 'coffee? hot?', so I thought, why not? Isn't about time Soren joined in on the morning ritual?  We love food and I hope to pass down that appreciation to Soren.  More on the routine of food later...   

So I fished around on the internet for good, warm toddler drinks and found this recipe: 

1 cup milk (we use whole 'cream top' milk or raw)

1/4 tsp turmeric

1/4 tsp cinnamon  

1 tbsp honey

We warm it in a small pot and whisk vigrousely to combine the ingredients and get that fluffy consistency.  If you have a milk steamer (connected to your fancy espresso machine) that would be a good alternative too!  Nuking I feel gives the drink a sour taste...

It's Indian in origin and so good - sometimes I offer it in the evening if he didn't have some in the morning and make a double batch for myself!  I love his yellow-cinna-stache after a whole mug! 

He loves it.  So now - 'momma's coffee, Soren's milk tea'.  He asks for it by name and helps make it at the stove!