Caribbean Travel

I have been helping our landlady with her travel business as of recent - when Soren is in dream land and on my days off - and have encountered an INSANE amount of great vacation ideas.   

One being the Caribbean... So let's talk.   

There are hundreds of resorts - adult only and others that accommodate all ages.  Some in the mountains - some on Punta Cana, Jamaica and others on St. Lucia.  And don't get me started with the alternative Mexico option.  For simplicity, St. Lucia. 

Absolutely... stunning.  With so much  to do it will make your head spin.  And for quite a few different price points.  Take a look...

The company I am working for is Integra Travel and the owner is Dolly Kohls.  She is a travel genius.  With well over 20 years travel experience in the business and personally she's the lady for you.  She is 110% devoted to her clients and with her broad range of experience knows how to get the best vacation for the best price.  Her emphasis is in international travel and national 5 star resorts.   

I never imagined traveling like this would be possible for us, but she has proven otherwise.  The world is your oyster!  More locations to come!