Action Obsessed

Being an audio engineer - there is no doubt I was to become action obsessed with photoshop.  Last year we purchased an entry level Digital SLR (Nikon D3100).  It's been a blast to use.  Since then I have grabbed this pop-up flash diffuser and am hoping to snag this lens attachment soon. 

But back to actions.  I go perusing for free actions from time to time (since I spend the bulk of hobby money on clothes or audio stuff...which, yes - is work related as well.  Just snagged these ear buds - make my best mixes on these!) - and have officially found a couple new favorites.  This is one from CoffeeShop Photo and is FREE - I highly recommend not just snagging the free goodies, but also utilize the tutorials.  I have learned a lot from this site and find it super useful.  

I have been in love with the new matte/gray photo finishes I've been seeing online and have been trying to emulate them, but coming up short.  I was pumped when they added this one to the download list.  I love how some of these turned out - plus it gives me a chance to show off our fun day at the zoo!