A Beautiful Mess App

One of the best camera's in my collection is, yes - my phone.  I love my Nikon and it is definitely the nicest camera in my collection.  And Photoshop is a great tool as well, but everything pales in comparison to how easy, fast and accessible the camera phone is.  

Which brings me to my newest, most favorite app.  A Beautiful Mess - a wonderful blog by two sisters have created a great iPhone camera app.  It comes equipped with frames, filters, doodles and more.  They also have some add on effects for a price.  I've just been using the stock effects and LOVE it!

Here are some examples of what I've been doing with the app.  And yes - Soren has started violin lessons...because he wants to!

You can share to instagram straight from the app as well.  It also saves the final draft to your photo library.  It's really quick and snappy - quicker than some of my other apps.  At a whopping $0.99 - it's a must buy, don't ya think?