Air Quality i.e. Pollution

Last week, the little dude and I had a chance to be a part of a documentary about Air Quality.  At first - I didn't know exactly how Soren and I could help, but after our interview it became obvious.  

Sara asked some pretty broad questions but I kept finding myself coming back to the same theme - health, nutrition and our environment.  It didn't hit me until the interview was over (not just how granola I might actually be), but how important the quality of the environment is to me and how it effects my son's ability to prosper.  

It's not just what types of food he ingests.  But where it comes from, the soil it is grown in - is it sustainable?  I want it to be available to him for ages to come.  For his children and his children's children.

I thought I was concerned before, but now... I am beyond concerned - I am appalled!  Sara shared some information about pollution and statistics that were pretty mind blowing.  Things I would have never considered before - like, have you ever thought about how much soot and pollutants are being released by just one school bus alone, idling outside waiting for the bell to ring?  

Although it was heavy information and the weather was chilly - Soren still had a great time.  Here are some shots from Soren's first Video shoot!  Thanks Sara, we had a blast!

Have you ever worried about air quality?  What sort of pollutants worry you?  Sara asked me what my greatest fears for Soren were, entering the world independently - what are yours for your children?

Here is a video on how they are working on filtering out some of the soot and pollutants for school busses.  When you see the the soot from the second bus, remember how close the children at the back of the bus are to that exhaust pipe.