Organized Chores

Chores are tough - we have a sort of love/hate relationship.  They are a bit exhausting and with a 2 year old todd. running around, they seem a bit pointless.  That being said - I do enjoy them.  Weird?  Not really.  They are my zen moments.  I tidy up, clean with some green cleaners (Soren even lends a hand most times!) and get to revel in some nice, fresh cleanliness.  It's almost like meditation.

And then within minutes it's back to chaos but that's perfectly alright.  I find myself glancing at toys sprawled across the floor and crayons strewn on paper with marker caps still open - smiling ear to ear.  He's creating, exploring and just being.  I love that. 

But trying to keep up with the chores, a full time job and wanting so desperately to be an active mother leaves me absolutely wiped.  So it was time to make some changes.  I have been following this wonderful blog, where the author wrote this great book on how to Project Organize Your Entire Life.  I started with the lists and dwindled them down into projects and voila!  Our very own chore list.  Not in the photo is a wonderful Meal Plan/Grocery list from this site that I laminated so we can re-use them with dry erase markers.  It's been less than a week and I am already in love with the system and feeling much more accomplished and A LOT less stressed.  Thanks MPMK!