We're Moving!!

We found a sweet carriage house in a great neighborhood and so... we are MOVING!!  We are super excited if you couldn't tell.  I have already started the 'moving book' (my own, seemingly ridiculous book of pics and ideas for the new place) and started cleaning our new home.  It has 2 bathrooms and 2, legitimate bedrooms!  

The big day is next Tuesday, so this week has been all about packing and we are just a couple rooms and few snid-bits away from being ready for the movers.  Yes! Movers!!  We are doing this right this time.  After, well - let's just say a copious amount of moves - I have racked up enough U-haul/van/hauling my crap on a dolly down the street - experience to last me a lifetime.  This time - movers.  They will tear down our furniture, carry ALL the boxes and place them in the correct places in our new home.

Next - boxes.  And this time - no scouring all over creation for them.  I snagged some cheap - CHEAP moving boxes online and we are just a little more than half way through them.  It worked out perfect!  And who better to help me fill them than my trusty sidekick - Soren!

I can't wait to start setting up our new place!